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Hot waxing for hair removal

IIs thick dark hair the bane of your life? Do you just enjoy having extra soft and extra smooth skin? Whatever your concern, hair and skin type we have a wax that caters to everybody and everybody part.

We use high end, professional hot wax for intimate and sensitive areas, resulting in a guaranteed less painful and longer-lasting wax.

At MOALA we understand the level of trust you put into us when booking an intimate wax. We understand it can be a nerve-wracking experience and you may not know what to expect, especially if it’s your first time. Please rest assured that your wax will be as painless as possible and you will be treated with the utmost care and your modesty will be considered at all times.

If you are unsure what type of intimate wax you require, or if you have any concerns, you can contact us prior to your booking or we can discuss waxing options with you at your appointment.

Waxing Prices

Hair free heaven

Full Leg£30
¾ Leg£26
Half Leg£22
Full Arm£20
Half Arm£14
Chest and Back£35
Intimate waxing treatments in Buckinghamshire

Facial Waxing

Upper Lip£8
Lip and Chin£12

Intimate Waxing

High Bikini£25
Facial waxing beauty treatments


Hot wax is also known as hard wax. It dries on the skin and doesn’t require strips to remove it.

Hot wax can be used on all hair and skin types. It is a lot more effective for removing coarse hair, and is less painful on intimate/sensitive areas.

Hot wax doesn’t leave a sticky residue, which is great for intimate areas which are more prone to chafing.

It is less painful than strip wax. By applying a pre-wax protective barrier, the wax does not stick to the skin, it dries with the hairs locked in and creates a firm grip resulting in effective hair removal, without the risk of tearing and bruising the skins surface.

Hot wax causes less hair breakage, resulting in smoother skin and less ingrown hairs.

It removes hair more effectively as it has a firmer grip, this results in smoother skin for longer.

You certainly can use hot wax on the legs and larger areas. This can be requested upon booking and at a higher cost due to timing and product cost.

Using strip wax on the legs isn’t necessary as the skin is less sensitive, more resilient and tauter. However, at MOALA hot wax is used to remove hair on the inner thighs where bruising and sensitivity are more likely.

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