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Most clients book in for a massage when they have a twinge in their neck, or an aching lower back. At MOALA, we believe prevention is better than cure. Why wait for your body to become tense and sore before you do anything about it?

We all have busy lifestyles and tend to put things off until the last minute, the same goes for looking after our bodies. It’s also natural to spend your money on something that provides you with an instant result, such as a manicure or lash lift. But investing in your body’s well-being provides many instant results that you may have not considered before.

Massage provides…

  • Instant relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Less aches and pains
  • Improved circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Uplifted mood
  • More energy
  • Less lethargic

Whether you are in need of an hour of calm, some tough knot removal or a bit of both, we have a massage to accommodate your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Intense targeted muscle relief

Indulge and unwind with our bespoke, full body deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage aims to relieve stiffness and aches.

Specialist techniques are used to detect and target deep embedded knots. Extensive pressure is used to break down fascia build up and drain towards the lymph nodes to promote toxin relief. This process results in muscles feeling less tense, tight and tender.

For clients suffering with intense muscle pain, several massage sessions are recommended to fully relieve and improve muscle tension.
Feel the benefits mentally and physically from this effective, yet relaxing massage.

60 mins – £60

Deep tissue massage treatments

Swedish Massage

Relax and revive

LLay back and unwind in sheer comfort. Allow your senses to be awakened with our customised essential oils and our tranquil touch. This massage is for pure relaxation and gentle muscle ease, perfect for anyone needing a little TLC.

Swedish massage consists of various massage techniques including soothing strokes of effleurage, kneading to help break down muscle tension and medium pressure on trigger points to release trigger points.

Swedish massage promotes improvement in blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and toxin relief. In turn you are left feeling more energized and relaxed.

60 mins – £55

Reviving Swedish massage treatment

Neck, Back, and Shoulders

Tailored techniques to target tension

G[/av_dropcap1Get to the point with this intense back massage. Targeting the neck and shoulders and arms providing you with a deep release from stiffness, knots and stress.

The pressure of this massage is customised to your needs.

This massage is the ultimate maintenance treatment for clients needing regular muscle and stress release.

Particularly suitable for clients with limited time and those who need a break from their laptop.

30 mins – £30

45 mins – £45

Massage treatment for the neck back and shoulders


St.Tropez Full Body Tan

Golden glow all year round

Over the years we have all become more aware of the damage UV rays has on our skin. From premature aging to pigmentation and, in severe cases, skin cancer.

You no longer need to spend hours in the sun or use damaging sun beds to get a golden glow.

Get a bronzed body all year round with our St.Tropez manual tan. Providing you with a natural, even and long lasting tan. Great for special occasions, pre-holiday, or just a daily, all over golden glow.

St.Tropez Full body Manual Tan: 30 mins – £25

Full body St Tropez fake tanning treatment

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