Hands and Feet

Professionally polished

Professional manicures and pedicures

Having groomed, clean and pristine nails sets you apart from the rest. Keeping your paws pampered presents elegance and pride.

At MOALA we offer the highest skill set and product range. All the products we use are cruelty free, environmentally friendly, sustainable and authentic.

The polish system we use is CND, because nothing beats the original! Guaranteed high shine, rich in colour and no chips for a minimum of two weeks.

CND shellac is formulated to keep the natural nails integrity by minimising nail damage with its professional non-abrasive removal.

Both CND Vinylux and CND Shellac polishes are vegan, cruelty free and formulated in America where animal testing has not been conducted.

For hygiene and prep, we use the British brand Navy. Navy tools are titanium coated giving each tool added strength and durability, with the added benefit that bacteria is unable to adhere to the titanium, unlike stainless steel tools.

After each treatment the tools are sterilised with Navy’s 3 step hygiene system formulated by Doctor Patricia Fenton NHS Trust Director of Infection Prevention and Control 2001-2013.

By using Navy tools in conjunction with their hygiene system, we can minimise risk of cross infection and contra-actions.

Navy tools are specifically designed to remove hard cuticle excess without causing damage to the nail plate. They create the perfect prep providing hygienic and aesthetically pleasing results.

Signature French Manicure

Classic and chic

Our signature French manicure offers timeless elegance to any hands and nails.

Created using The Gel Bottle’s resilient builder gel to form a strong foundation providing not only resilience but also a beautiful opaque base of your choice.

Meticulous detail is used to create the perfect smile line.

Finished with a high shine top coat guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks.

1hr 15 mins – £38

French manicure nail treatment

BIAB Gel polish

Durable, resilient and long

BIAB by the gel bottle inc stands for ‘builder in a bottle’ it is a hard gel used for nail extensions, a perfect overlay for weak brittle nails and for clients who require a gel with a little more resilience.

BIAB can be applied solely from a range of beautiful soft nudes, or as a clear base and a gel colour of your choice on top.

BIAB polish works well for clients who suffer with weak nails and often find their nails spilt or break when they reach a certain length. BIAB gel allows your nails to reach a longer length due to its strength and durability without looking artificial.

If you are someone who requires instant length but don’t want to apply acrylic then BIAB is the perfect option you. It is as resilient as acrylic but causes less damage to natural nail and allows the nail to flourish and grow without dehydration.

For BIAB nail extensions a tip is applied and blended for ultimate smoothness followed by a BIAB overlay. After extensions are applied we continue to infill them with BIAB and over time the BIAB will simply be applied as an overlay to your natural nails.

Please note, all of our nail services including extensions are created using hand filling techniques. No nail drills or acrylic are used.

BIAB Overlay Manicure60 mins£35
BIAB Base & Shellac 60 mins£35
BIAB Overlay & Shellac1hr 15 mins£38
BIAB French Manicure1hr 15 mins£38
BIAB With Chrome1hr 15mins£37
BIAB Extensions 1hr 30mins£55
Gel Removal with Re-application 15 mins£3
Removal Only30 mins£10
Gel polish manicures

Shellac Gel Manicure

The original non chip gel manicure

CND Shellac is the original gel polish. Formulated with intense pigments and lasting high shine. Shellac nails can last up to 3 weeks with a guaranteed 2 week wear.

At MOALA we have a wide range of shades and tones and will help you to choose the perfect colour for any occasion.

60 mins – £33

Shellac gel manicure treatment

CND Vinylux Polish Manicure

High shine, rich colour 7 day manicure

If you are someone who is looking for perfectly groomed nails but doesn’t require a longer wearing polish than our 7 day guaranteed CND vinylux manicure is for you.

CND Vinylux doesn’t require a soak-off application so it can be removed at home with ease.

With its high shine, rich colour and 7-day non-chip wear, this go-to manicure is the perfect finish to looking groomed and glam.

60 mins – £28

CND Vinylux manicure treatment


Professional pedicure treatments

At MOALA, we understand just how important foot care is. We have dedicated a lot of time in researching the best pedicure system for our clients.

We believe in providing sustainable soft feet, not a quick fix that often promotes callus and hard skin to return within a matter of days.

Most typical callus removal methods are too aggressive, ultimately causing trauma to the feet and triggering the body to restore the skin that’s been removed resulting in the return of callus and rough soles.

Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment that gently, yet effectively dissolves dead skin and callus from the feet. It uses medical grade solutions such as AHA’s to soften dead skin allowing it to be easily removed and buffed away. Because of its gentle removal technique, skin is not aggravated which in turn results in the body not rushing to repair hard skin leaving you with sustainable soft soles.

All our pedicures include the removal of hard skin and cuticles, sea salt foot bath, an invigorating foot scrub, a stimulating foot and leg massage, finished with a nail colour of your choice.

Pedicure Prices

CND Shellac Gel Pedicure60 mins£40
CND Vinylux Polish Pedicure60 mins£37
Pedicure No Polish 45 mins£28
CND Shellac French Pedicure1hr 15 mins£43
CND Vinylux French Pedicure1hr 15mins£40
CND Shellac Gel File & Paint30 mins£25
CND Vinylux File & Paint20 mins£20
ELIM Intense Callus Removal ADD ON20 mins£15
ELIM Intense Callus Removal ONLY30 mins£20
Gel Removal with Re-application15 mins£3
Removal Only30 mins£10

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